In Cape Town Central alone, there’s been 345 car thefts iso far in 2016, according to Crime Stats SA with thousands more across South Africa annually. Microdotting came into play in 2012 as a technology to reduce the sale of stolen and hijacked motor vehicles.

So What Is Microdotting?

Microdots are microscopic dots containing the VIN number of the vehicle that are placed in multiple places around the vehicle. According to AA, companies that supply microdotting would apply a total of 88 microdots on a vehicle. The microdot is required for all newly manufactured vehicles as well as vehicles where a police clearance is required. The technology was implemented by the National Road Traffic Act in Regulation 56 1A and Regulation 337 B.

How does microdotting benefit car owners?

The main benefit to vehicle owners for microdotting their vehicles is the fact that microdotting may deter car thieves and is a highly effective manner of identifying a vehicle one it has been stolen, whether the main identifiers have been removed from the car or not, making it easier for police to identify and retrieve stolen vehicles which will reduce the amount of retrieved vehicles that are destroyed due to lack of identification.

Who does microdotting?

Microdotting is done by a microdot fitment company that will fit the microdots to your vehicle. Microdotting is an inexpensive exercise but with increasing vehicle theft, most definitely a necessary requirement.

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