To protect the local motor vehicle manufacturing industry, importing second-hand vehicles into South Africa is prohibited unless you have been granted a special permit to do so.

The main people who will be granted a permit to bring secondhand vehicles into the country are returning South African nationals and immigrants with permanent residency in SA. Other vehicles that may be imported into the country include racing cars (such as stock cars etc.), specially designed vehicles and vehicles that form part of an inheritance.

An individual who, is a South African citizen and, wishes to import a vehicle into South Africa will need to complete the Application to import secondhand / used vehicles form (IE462) and will need to provide along with this document a copy of their ID or passport, employment confirmation letter – not payslips, salary advices or the like – the employment letter must be dated and done on a company letterhead. In addition, the individual will need to provide the official foreign vehicle registration certificate.

In the instance where the individual is an immigrant, they will be required to submit the following documentation:
The copy of their permanent residence certificate, a copy of their foreign passport, copy of their foreign motor vehicle registration certificate.

Once the application has been submitted it takes on average five (5) working days to be process once the documents have been received. During the process, you will be required to pay customs duty at SARS. Joseph Auto Solutions, offers its customers the service of dealing with all the necessary parties and remove the need for you to ever pick up the phone or lift a finger.